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Guiding You Through Divorce

Deciding to file for divorce or hearing that your spouse wants to legally separate can be a heartbreaking and emotional time for everyone involved. What's important to remember as I am guiding you through the process is to make sure you know what your needs and goals are in the beginning. When I know what you want to get out of our time together, I will be able to advocate for your needs so that you can start anew as soon as possible.

When it comes to family law, I have nearly 30 years of experience helping families reach amicable solutions for their legal issues. The main area of focus within my family law practice in Delano, Minnesota is divorce. In order to be an effective divorce attorney, I fully listen to my clients' needs and their side of the story so I can present them with options that will reflect and resolve their unique situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I'm Here to Help You Move Forward

In addition to divorce, as an experienced family law attorney, there are many types of cases that I have experience with, including child support, custody, property valuation & division, spousal support, and paternity rights.

If you are getting a divorce in Delano, Minnesota, or in the Wright County area and there are children involved, you may need to negotiate an agreement for both child support and custody. Support is the financial aspect of caring for the child, while custody involves both legal custody (decision-making power over the child's life) and physical custody (where the child lives).

Property valuation relates to the process of taking each of the assets that you own as a married couple and placing a value on it. This is especially important because when you undergo property division, you will want the assets to be split between both parties as equally as possible.

In addition, I have experience guiding individuals through spousal support and protecting paternity rights. Regardless of the unique circumstances of your situation, there is reliable support available. Reach out to my office in Delano, Minnesota today to schedule a free case consultation.