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If you're planning to divorce your partner and begin a new chapter in your life, hire a divorce attorney who will work hard to make the divorce process as simple as possible. Call the C. Wittwer Law Office, Ltd. in Delano, Minnesota today.

We can also offer legal guidance in matters relating to your children. If you need to file for child support or reach a child custody agreement in Delano, Buffalo, or Wright County, MN, rely on the C. Wittwer Law Office for assistance.

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Divorce is rarely as simple as separating from your spouse. If you have a number of assets, medical issues, shared property or children, you'll need to make some tough decisions regarding your family's future. Retain a qualified divorce attorney to assist you with:

  • Child support

  • Property valuation and division

  • Child custody and parenting plans

  • Divorce modifications

  • Spousal support

  • Dependent medical support

  • Premarital property determinations

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